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Churchill Town & Tundra Experience with VIA Rail

7 Night Tour from £4,499 Including Flights

Start your journey with 2 nights travelling by Train from Winnipeg to Churchill. Upon arrival Churchill Town and Tundra Experience lets you view wild polar bears in their natural environment aboard the world famous Tundra Buggy and also enjoy churchill’s unique northern charm.

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Great Ice Bear Adventure

6 Night Tour from £6,719 Including Flights

The Great Ice Bear adventure takes place during the official polar bear season months of October and November. Churchill is a reputable fall destination as the polar bears congregate on the coast in large numbers in wait for the ice to freeze allowing them passage further north where they will feast on seals.

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Up close to the polar bears; Credit Bill Lyne; Churchill Wild

The Polar Bear Photo Safari

6 Night Tour from £7,059 Including Flights

This is an amazing opportunity for keen photographers to capture the beauty of the Bay area’s most famous residents - the mighty polar bear, as well as caribou, moose, wolves, not to mention the hundreds of species of birds and countless varieties of Arctic flowers.

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Polar bear

Tundra Buggy Lodge At Polar Bear Point

6 Night Tour from £5,399 Including Flights

Tundra Buggy Lodge At Polar Bear Point, the most rewarding way to experience the polar bears of Churchill is to emmerse yourself in their environment; from the moment you wake up, throughout the day and into the endless winter nights.

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