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Lunenburg waterfront at night, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Holidays

Picturesque coastlines and naval history

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Anchors aweigh - this charming maritime province is home to gorgeous, long coastlines and splendid marine life. This nautical region offers a variety of water sports, whale watching excursions and delicious seafood to sink your teeth in to. Read more...

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Explore the Beauty of Nova Scotia

Think of rocky shorelines adorned with quaint lighthouses, succulent lobster dishes caught straight from the sea, vineyards and majestic whales splashing in the water, and you’ll have conjured an image of Nova Scotia. Utterly charming, this Canadian maritime province evokes a gorgeous nautical vibe, with plenty of splendid outdoor recreation that will put a smile on anyone’s faces.

Nova Scotia’s wildlife is a big draw. Adorable puffins and cheeky seals can regularly be seen basking in the sun along the coastline, whilst a boat trip along the spectacular Bay of Fundy will grace you with unforgettable views of humpback and finback whales.

Halifax - Nova Scotia’s capital - is lively and vibrant, yet quaint too, with gorgeous Victorian-era Public Gardens, and a sparkling waterfront that just begs to be explored. Dip into cool cafes and wander through picturesque boutiques, or even indulge in a bit of wine tasting. Lunenburg is a gorgeous town in Nova Scotia too, characterised by its brightly coloured houses nestled on the rolling hills of Fairhaven Peninsula.

Why visit Nova Scotia

  • The Bay of Fundy is home to some of the best whale watching in the world
  • Home to 160 historic lighthouses, there’s plenty of culture to delve into here
  • Nova Scotia is known for its fantastic water sports, especially kayaking along the craggy coastlines

Nova Scotia Information

There are a wide variety of things to see and do whilst staying in Nova Scotia. Check out our travel guides for some of the highlights, top tips and travel inspiration from our Canadian Sky Experts, along with some essential information you may need for your holiday.

Top 10 things to do in Nova Scotia Top 10 things to do in Nova Scotia
This nautical region is known for its rocky coastlines and quaint lighthouses, but what should you do when visiting this maritime marvel? We’ve got lots of ideas for any budding sailor.

Exploring Nova Scotia’s best hiking trails Exploring Nova Scotia’s best hiking trails
Nova Scotia offers fabulously fresh, delicious seafood, friendly locals, abundant wildlife, picturesque lighthouses, beautiful beaches, and some of the most scenic coastal trails you may ever hike.
Explore the cities & towns of Nova Scotia Explore the cities & towns of Nova Scotia
There are so many reasons to visit this Atlantic province that embraces old English, Scottish and French traditions, but has a unique culture that’s all its own. The harder decision becomes, which towns to explore?
Take a great Nova Scotian wine adventure Take a great Nova Scotian wine adventure
Sure, the naturally stunning landscape, fun outdoor adventures and charming towns in Nova Scotia are amazing. But what could be more enticing than a decadent glass of wine? Come and find out the best wine regions and vineyards to explore.

Join the Nova Scotian beer trail Join the Nova Scotian beer trail
Nova Scotia not only offers impressive scenery with a stunning coastline that extends for miles, picturesque lighthouses and charming fishing villages, but it’s a fantastic destination for beer lovers.

A photogenic tour of stunning Atlantic Canada A photogenic tour of stunning Atlantic Canada
Atlantic Canada is so incredibly scenic, it’s ideal for photographs and anyone who wants to capture lots of postcard-perfect photos. These breathtaking sights are musts for the ultimate photogenic tour through the region.

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