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Canada City Breaks

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Although renowned for its natural beauty, Canada is home to some sensational cities. These vibrant destinations are great for culture, shopping and great cuisine. Why not head to Montreal, Vancouver or Toronto for a taste of Canada’s city life.

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Discover Canadian City Breaks

Canada has some truly amazing cities with endless opportunities for entertainment, relaxation, cultural and historical discovery, great dining, clubs, music, and theatre.

If outdoor adventure is not your thing, Canadian Sky’s partnered hotels and luxurious city holidays will likely suit your tastes. Canadian Sky has a fantastic range of hotels and inns available throughout Canada. All of the hotels are ideally placed near to all major amenities, including shopping areas, entertainment, restaurants and opportunities to get away and experience pure relaxation at its best. Our partnered hotels are also incredibly accessible with proximity to airports and local transportation. Choose your destination, find a hotel to suit your budget, and we can help you plan your perfect city holiday in Canada.

Luxury hotels in Canada are available in most cities offering beautiful modern and historical estate rooms, and stunning views. There are also several spa retreat options, which give you a chance to get away from it all but still be close enough to go out and take in some of Canada’s greatest city nightlife and cultural experiences if you fancy a break from being pampered.

Canadian Sky hotels range from budget to full scale five-star resort properties, with the aim of always providing accommodation in high quality establishments with a touch of class regardless of price. Many direct daily flights are available to all of Canada’s most popular cities from several UK departure points. Our contracts with major airlines ensure we are able to find suitable, quality accommodation in every major city and national park.

Below is a small selection of some of our most popular hotels in Canada. A greater selection is available in our reservation system – many with immediate availability. Our experienced UK based travel advisors are always happy to help.

Planning a city break in Canada during 2017 or 2018?

Planning an escorted tour in Canada for 2017 or 2018? Canadian Sky have the experience to help you plan your perfect holiday. Call our Canada Specialists today and make the most of your next holiday.

Canadian City Breaks Information

Our Canadian City Breaks offer a wide variety of things to see and do during your trip. Check out our travel guides for plenty of travel inspiration and tips from our Canadian Sky experts to create the perfect holiday for you.

Top 10 city breaks in Canada Top 10 city breaks in Canada
Canada's cities are busy, lively, vibrant, quirky and cool - and we've put together the 10 best cities to go to if you fancy seeing everything these fantastic Canadian metropolitans have to offer.
A beginner's guide to Winnipeg A beginner's guide to Winnipeg
Whether you fancy canoeing on Lake Manitoba, relaxing in thermal pools, wandering through The Manitoba Museum, or tucking into steak at Maxime’s Restaurant, Winnipeg is a quintessential Canadian city full of charm.

Top 10 restaurants in Ottawa Top 10 restaurants in Ottawa
The capital city of Canada is known for being a multicultural metropolis, with a huge choice of international restaurants just waiting for hungry foodies to walk through their door.
Top 10 things to do in Edmonton Top 10 things to do in Edmonton
From eye-opening art galleries and high tech science centres, to luscious gardens and indoor theme parks, Edmonton is full of entertainment and excitement.
Exploring Deep Cove, Vancouver Exploring Deep Cove, Vancouver
Venture away from the hustle and bustle of Vancouver’s city streets and explore Deep Cove, an incredible area full of unspoilt wilderness, boutique shops, and gourmet restaurants.

Top 10 rooftop bars and patios in Toronto Top 10 rooftop bars and patios in Toronto
From chic bars with 360 degree views of the city’s skyline, to cool tiki-style bars with giant cocktails, here are some of the best rooftop bars and patios in the vibrant city of Toronto.
Exploring Alberta in the summer Exploring Alberta in the summer
With such amazing sceneries, exhilarating outdoor recreation, and plenty of memorable sightseeing, Alberta should be on top of your list this summer.
Exploring Alberta’s Heritage Park, Calgary Exploring Alberta’s Heritage Park, Calgary
History buffs will relish an afternoon spent at Alberta’s Heritage Park, a living history museum featuring a myriad of exhibitions, activities, rides, demonstrations, and costumed interpreters.

Top 10 restaurants in Montreal Top 10 restaurants in Montreal
Locals in Montreal are the ultimate foodies – and with so many innovative restaurants (almost 6,000 to be exact!), it’s no wonder Montreal is one of the top food and drink cities in Canada. From the quirky to the luxurious, here are our top 10 restaurants in Montreal.
Top 10 restaurants in Toronto Top 10 restaurants in Toronto
Spectacular décor, casual-yet-classy vibes and of course innovative, delicious food can be found at Toronto’s top restaurants. From premiere cuts of meat and sumptuous seafood starters, to decadent chocolate desserts and exquisite wines, you’ll be sure to find something to tantalise your taste buds.
Top 10 restaurants in Vancouver Top 10 restaurants in Vancouver
Homely food, luxury cuisine, innovative dishes, and family favourites…all can be found in Vancouver’s fantastic restaurants. Here’s our Top 10 restaurants you need to try when you visit this diverse foodie city.

Exploring Grouse Mountain, Vancouver Exploring Grouse Mountain, Vancouver
From scenic gondola rides and Theatre in the Sky, to cocktails in the SkyDeck bar and visiting orphaned grizzlies, a visit to Grouse Mountain is nothing short of spectacular.
Exploring Toronto's Distillery District Exploring Toronto's Distillery District
From wonderful walking tours and grand architecture, to tempting restaurants, and of course fantastic distilleries, the Distillery District is a brilliant, cultural hub you won’t want to miss.
Top 10 restaurants in Calgary Top 10 restaurants in Calgary
Calgary is a buzzing metropolis with absolutely no shortage of fine dining restaurants. Discover the 10 best places to eat in the city.

Arts and cultural experiences in Ontario Arts and cultural experiences in Ontario
Fascinating history museums, awe-inspiring art galleries, historical theatres, and even delicious food tours – Ontario is perfect for those hoping to add a touch of culture to their Canadian trip.

Exploring Stanley Park, Vancouver Exploring Stanley Park, Vancouver
From lush evergreen forests and sandy beaches, to an aquarium and mini waterpark, there’s plenty to see and do in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. So grab your map, and let’s explore.
Exploring Gastown, Vancouver Exploring Gastown, Vancouver
Incredible shopping and art galleries, European and Asian-fusion gourmet treats, and even the world’s first steam-powered clock, Gastown is a charming independent district you won’t want to miss.
Exploring Vancouver on foot Exploring Vancouver on foot
From the steam clock in Gastown and streets full of shops, restaurants and nightclubs in downtown Vancouver, to the charming Stanley Park and beaches of Kitsilano, there’s plenty to do and see whilst exploring Vancouver on foot.

Explore the best film locations in Vancouver Explore the best film locations in Vancouver
Nicknamed ‘Hollywood North’ thanks to its abundance of filming locations, Vancouver is full of places you may recognise from your favourite films and TV shows. From Deadpool and Supernatural, to Once Upon a Time and even 50 Shades of Grey, you may want to grab some popcorn.
A beginner's guide to Vancouver farmers' markets A beginner's guide to Vancouver farmers' markets
With fresh, handpicked produce, handcrafted drinks and a friendly ambience, what could be better than whiling away a morning in a farmers’ market? We’ve got great tips on how to enjoy Vancouver’s brilliant variety of markets – so grab your bag, bring some cash, and get shopping.

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