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CHILL Ice House wedding

Wedding from £3,750

Cool & unique weddings

CHILL provides a unique venue for the ultimate wedding experience. CHILL Ice House is a cool, family attraction by day and a hip ice lounge at night. It is a unique experience for visitors of all ages!

Wedding Features

  • Artificial or feather flowers
  • Wedding digital photography       
  • A signature cocktail for Bride & Groom     
  • Use of capes & gloves (1 black and 1 white) to keep warm       
  • Wedding ceremony in the 'Ice Booth'        
  • Transportation to the CHILL Ice House     

More Information

The CHILL Ice House is a stunning wedding venue, whether it's just the 2 of you or you would to bring your friends along.  You are welcome to stay inside as long as you like.  Typically guests spend 20 - 45 minutes in the ice lounge then the remainder of your visit in the warm Speakeasy bar.  You are provided with cape and gloves for the ice lounge, and you can re-enter from the Speakeasy as often as you like, to soak in the atmosphere, take more photos and have another refreshment in an ice glass!  The Ice Lounge will be set at -5, give or take a few degrees.  It's a dry, non-humid, non-windy temperature so it won't feel as cold.

Your wedding includes transportation, to & from the CHILL Ice House, so once your ceremony is finished, take time to enjoy the atmosphere, there's no rush and your car will be ready to collect you when you wish to return to your hotel.

If choosing the Premier Wedding and having the CHILL Ice House as a private venue, you can have up to 50 guests attend. (drinks & food are extra).   Canadian comfort food is available from CAD$20 per person.

Wedding Days and Times

Weddings performed Wednesday, Thursdays & Fridays (depending on availability) from 5pm.

Additional Information

Legally you could get married the same day as you arrive, however, we recommend you have a couple of days to get used to any time change and orient yourselves. You can apply for your wedding licence online before arriving into Toronto (cost of the licence is not included and is paid for when collecting your licence in Toronto.  The marriage is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

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CHILL Ice House wedding Includes: Classic Premier
Marriage Certificate (including pre-wedding meeting and coordination of legal work)
Marriage officiate (to conduct the ceremony)
Artificial or feather flowers
Wedding digital photography
A signature cocktail for Bride & Groom
Use of capes & gloves (1 black and 1 white) to keep warm
Wedding ceremony in the 'Ice Booth'
Transportation to the CHILL Ice House (up to 6 people)
Coordination and attendance by wedding planner
Personal ice sculpture for Bride & Groom
Classic wedding suitable for Bride & Groom & 4 guests (guest rates from CAD$100) - -
Premier wedding for totally private venue for you & up to 52 guests (available Monday - Friday) -
$125 licence fee required (in cash) when collecting wedding licence in Toronto (approx. £80) - -
  From £3,750 From £5,300
  • Minimum stay before wedding: 3 days
  • Minimum age: 21
  • Minimum stay in Canada: 7 nights
  • Weddings take place: Monday – Friday only


  • Valid original 10-year UK passport
  • The original of your birth certificate
  • Marriage licence (applied in Canada) - $125 licence fee required (in cash) when collecting wedding licence in Toronto (approx. £80).

If applicable

  •         If you have been divorced, decree absolute.
  •         If you have been widowed, the original copy of your partner's death certificate.
  •         If you have changed your name, the original copy of the deed poll
  •         If you were adopted, the original copy of your adoption certificate.

If you have been divorced, then the previous marriage dissolvent must be recognised in Ontario. Generally, the Wedding Planner will take the decree absolute across to Canada, swear an affidavit with a lawyer who then sends a copy of the decree with a letter that states in their opinion the divorce is legal and should be recognised. Then, the Ontario department concerned sends back a form stating the divorce is recognised. This can take a while but is generally done within 3 weeks of swearing the affidavit. There is a charge for this from CAD$170).  Please do advise us if you have been previously married.


After confirmation of booking your wedding date and, our local wedding coordinators, Maple Leaf Weddings, will be on contact with you by e-mail or telephone to arrange a date and time to meet up with you in Toronto to welcome you, accompany you to the Toronto Registrar’s Office in order to collect your marriage licence, visit the options for your outdoor ceremony and discuss any final wedding arrangements.

We need copies of documents 12 weeks before the date of travel


You must have photo-ID with you when you visit the City Clerk’s Office (unless you are collecting it at an alternative Canadian office).  $125 licence fee required (in cash) when collecting wedding licence  (approx. £80).

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