Weddings Booking Conditions

Wedding Booking Conditions

All weddings must be booked in conjunction with one of our holidays. You must be 18 or over to book a wedding package with us, and unless otherwise stated we will offer you a civil rather than a religious wedding.

After you have booked your holiday and chosen your wedding, we will request your preferred wedding date from the overseas authorities. We will endeavour to confirm your wedding date within 48 hours. If we are unable to arrange a suitable date, you will be entitled to a full refund. All weddings are on a request only basis and subject to availability.

  1. Your wedding package

    The package is for the Bride and Groom, unless otherwise stated.  Free weddings may not always include the same items as paid weddings and are not usually combined with hotel special offers.  We rigorously check the information given on our websites and in any written correspondence to ensure it is correct at the time of your booking.  Wedding package inclusions are correctly advertised on the websites.  As Tropical Sky have no jurisdiction over hotels/resorts and wedding venues and their charges, we cannot be responsible for any increase or change to these wedding arrangements.  We will, however, endeavour to advise you of these changes as soon as they are made known to us.  In some hotels, a higher deposit maybe required at time of booking.

  2. Legal requirements

    The exact legal documentation required for each Wedding, Civil Partnership and Renewal of Vows in all destinations are subject to change and is set by each respective country.  It is your responsibility to refer to the website of the relevant country you are travelling to for the most up to date information.  We cannot be held responsible for any changes in legislation or for any resulting fees payable by the wedding couple in order to comply with these legalities.  However, please be aware any local authority will make the final decision on whether the wedding ceremony can go ahead and we have no control over this decision.  It is also your responsibility to ensure original documentation is carried with you otherwise your wedding may not be able to proceed.  The recognition in English law of any marriage solemnised/civil partnership formed abroad can only be determined by a court. However, generally speaking, such a marriage/civil partnership will be recognised here as valid provided that it complied with the law of the country where it took place and the couple had the legal capacity to marry/form a civil partnership under their law(s) of domicile. If you are still concerned about the validity of your marriage/civil partnership then you should seek legal advice.

    The weddings advertised relate to those of our customers who were:

    • Born in the United Kingdom (which includes Northern Ireland) and,
    • Have a valid UK/Irish passport

    If you do not fulfil both of these requirements please advise us immediately.  You may be referred to the embassy of the country where you wish to marry and the country of birth for further advice.  In all cases it is your legal responsibility to make sure that you have the correct legal documentation and that you fulfil any other requirements in order to be married in the country of your choice.  Please be aware that if you do not have the correct documents your wedding may not go ahead.  If additional documentation is required to obtain a marriage licence, e.g. affidavits or your documentation needs to be legalised, translated, certified or any additional transfer arrangements are required in resort, then the cost of this is not included in your wedding package.  In most cases, you are required to travel with all your original documents and it is your responsibility to remember to take them.  Without them your wedding may not be able to proceed.

  3. Changes to your Wedding

    If you need to alter your confirmed wedding date, we will do our best to accommodate your new requirements.  There will be an administration charge of £50 for each change.  To cancel a wedding the cancellation charges below will be applicable.

    Period before departure within which written notification
    of cancellation is received by us
    Cancellation charge
    per person cancelling
    More than 70 days Full loss of deposit
    69 - 36 days 90% of holiday cost
    35 days or less

    100% of holiday cost

    You may be able to recover these cancellation charges from your travel insurance company if the reason for your cancellation falls within the terms of your insurance policy.
    Any changes or cancellations must be made in writing to Tropical Sky.

  4. The Wedding

    Wedding ceremonies are usually not scheduled for weekends or national holidays.  The relevant tourist boards will be able to give you up to date information on national holidays in your chosen destination.  In some destinations, local festivals will determine available wedding dates, for example Poya days in Sri Lanka when no alcohol is served.  All weddings are subject to availability of local staff, the local Minister or Wedding Registrar and the wedding location/venue.

    Generally your wedding ceremony will take place in the grounds of the hotel unless otherwise stated or booked.  If your wedding is scheduled to take place in a public venue for example Central Park, New York, this will be reconfirmed to you with you prior to departure on arrival.  These venues are subject to local regulations and availability and weather conditions.  We have no control over and may not be made aware of renovations planned to take place in public areas.

    The majority of our weddings are conducted by a marriage officer whose title varies depending on the resort.  Where it is possible to be married by a Minister, the ceremony will be non denominational unless otherwise stated.

    In very unusual circumstances there maybe a possibility that your wedding will need to rescheduled.  This may happen for example if the Wedding Registrar has to change his schedule for important unforeseen circumstances, or maybe because of adverse weather conditions.  We would like to suggest that this advice is borne in mind, particularly if your family and friends are planning to attend the wedding, or produce stationery or gifts showing your wedding date, or if you are having jewellery engraved.

  5. Wedding Guests

    It is becoming increasingly popular to have your family and friends attend your wedding and we would be very happy to assist in making bookings for your guests.  You may require additional items such as extra wine, a larger wedding cake, and extra flowers.  Extra costs will be obtained for you and will be payable in resort by you.  If you are staying at an all inclusive resort, guests not staying at the same resort will need to purchase a day pass (where available) to attend the ceremony.  Certain numbers, gender and age restrictions may apply.

    Several hotels provide their own group offers.  These offers can only be organised at the time of booking your wedding and cannot be added on at a later date.  If any passengers cancel at a later date and the number of adults drops below the required number, this offer will no longer be applicable.

  6. Optional extras

    Many couples request extra items for their wedding day.  We can advise the cost of these prior to your arrival in resort.  In most cases we can also pre-book these for you.  Payment for these must be made in resort and in some cases in locally currency as well as credit cards.  The prices we advise are for guidance only.  The prices for optional extras offered will vary from hotel to hotel.  All prices are subject to change locally without notice as are their availability.

  7. Wedding insurance

    We advise all customers that an extensive travel insurance policy is essential to have on booking any of our holidays. However, we cannot advise you on this. It is your responsibility to ensure you have appropriate and adequate travel insurance. This also applies to insurance for your wedding.

  8. Wedding attire

    What you wear for your wedding is a highly individual choice, however bearing in mind the tropical climate, we recommend that a light weight suit is worn by the Groom, and the Bride considers a dress to give maximum comfort in the heat. More casual clothes are quote acceptable in some destinations. Some destinations require more formal clothing and in the Far East, Bride maybe required to cover up if the wedding takes places at a religious venue. Generally there is no extra baggage allowance for wedding outfits on the aircraft. We would suggest that outfits be packed into a hard suitcase and placed into the hold of the aircraft. You may wish to contact your airline for further information and guidance.